Emergent phenomena are much more basic than lving things. Air pressure is an emergent phenomenon of random collision among air melocules. Nuclear reactions, the stock market and weather are examples of emergent phenomena. None of the bulk behaviors can be derived from study of a single instance.

Why is any of this a surprise? We have known for almost a century that viruses evolve toward higher virulence and lower mortality. Did anyone with some knowledge of molecular biology actually believe the poiticians and the media? COVID-19 and its variants are here to stay. Masks, social distancing and lockdowns are not.

The separatton between ownership and operation of a business is the key. A rentier class can mke money on thier money with hardly any inetercourse with consumers. The financial markets serve the rentiers. Banks even call depositors the retail banking industry and bankers aspire to the rise above that level. There is no equal access to capital. As soon as a disparity reaches a certain point the huge company compounds its advantages over the small business. Supprssion of competition become the substitute for organic growth.

Isotropy of light speed was determned by various Michaelson-Morley interferometer experiments that take place on a rotating Earth in orbit around a star, not by measurng the one-way velocity of a light beam.

Flash fiction by Kenn Brody

Photo by Hesam Jr. on Unsplash

I had just emerged from the elevator of the high-rise office building and was studying the directory to see who our new neighbors might be. Behind me were three figures seated on a a settee in this large lobby. I heard them speaking, but ignored them until I heard my name:

“I did, though. I discussed hospitals with Kenn Brody, and that’s where I went. Mass General Experimental Ward. I was their first ever total chyrectomy.”

The voice was somewhat familiar, but it was subtly different from my memory. I turned, waded through the lobby…

The System IS the Solution!

Vanda Dendrobium Electric Car

While I was trying to design a better, cleaner engine at my old engine manufacturing company, I came to an obstacle: What trade-offs were acceptable? For example, we could make a diesel engine that ran at 33% efficiency, but it was heavy. If we used that engine in an aircraft, the extra weight meant that we needed to carry more fuel, and that made the more efficient engine LESS efficient! Contrary wise, if the engine needed to have a long life, we needed to run it at lower stress levels, so we got less power…

Ken Brody

I'm an author, executive and scientist.

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